Future of Travel TFI

Strategy development and forecasting in aviation, travel and tourism

Future of Travel TFI


Forecasting for Airport Master Planning and Aerocharging

TFI has prepared in-depth passenger and aircraft movement forecasts and traffic trend analysis for many airports, and local and state authorities, throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East.

The forecasts may include a series of airport scenarios, covering aircraft developments, traffic origin markets and alternative airline route developments.

TFI works in association with other consultants with complimentary skills on some assignments.

Forecast components include:

  • overseas visitor arrivals
  • resident travel overseas
  • domestic travel
  • freight traffic
  • general aviation
  • aircraft movements by aircraft type
  • busy hour
  • stand demand

Preparation of Forecasts as Part of Airport Privatisation/Capital Raising

TFI has advised both vendors and potential bidders on the sale of various airports throughout Australia and New Zealand, and advised investors on the issue of capital raising.

TFI assesses opportunities, performs competitive analysis, and identifies client needs.

Specific assignments have included:

  • Advising vendors or bid teams for airports in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.
  • Assessment of traffic potential and traffic mix for these airports.
  • Implications of the traffic mix for airport revenue.
  • Assessment of risk profiles for different types of traffic and comparisons across airports in Asia, North America and Europe.

Patronage Forecasts

Specific assignments have included:

  • Provision of tourist accommodation forecasts for a major Australian development company.
  • Development of hotel performance benchmarks.

Forecasting for Airport Concessionaires and Service Companies

Non-aeronautical revenue sources include food and beverage, retail, duty-free, advertising, rental cars, and parking facilities. Other related companies include those providing quarantine and inspection services and security services.

Specific TFI assignments have included:

  • Forecasts of air traffic in India.
  • Preparation of passenger projections and traffic analysis for a quarantine and inspection service.
  • Forecasts of passenger, freight and aircraft movements have been prepared for a potential investor in an airport service company in Asia.  This included the assessment of the impact of developments such as Low Cost Airlines, airport hub competition across Asia and new aircraft types.
  • Forecasts of passenger traffic at an Asian airport for a duty free operation.
  • Preparation of market assessments and trend analyses covering a number of Asian airports for an airport concessionaire.

Visitor Forecasts and Research on Visitor Travel Patterns

TFI reviews data collections of many agencies across the world and manages an extensive range of databases to assist in the analysis of the international and domestic visitor market performance of regions across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. 

Specific assignments have included:

  • Review of the Japanese market to specific regions.
  • Forecasting of visitor arrivals to Australia and New Zealand.
  • Assessment of the impact of a potential airline alliance on tourism regions.
  • A review of travel patterns of visitors to specific countries (including intermediate stops) and patterns of travel within each country.
  • A review of travel patterns of visitors to and within the Pacific region