Future of Travel TFI

Strategy development and forecasting in aviation, travel and tourism

Future of Travel TFI

Impact Assessments

Market Assessments and Demand Analyses

TFI uses its knowledge of markets and its detailed databases, along with an understanding of the drivers of these markets, to advise airports and related bodies on trends and opportunities.

Specific assignments have included:

  • Market assessments for major airports.
  • A regional airport review for a State tourism organisation.
  • A review of a major airport’s market and passenger related revenue assumptions.
  • Demand analyses for various regional airports.

Olympic and Special Event Assessments

The link between tourism and major events is well known but not well understood. The flow of athletes/participants and spectators is expected to bring economic growth, tourist revenues and increased employment to the host nation. However, these visitors often “crowd out” regular visitors.

TFI has conducted consulting assignments both pre-event, to plan for the movement of additional airport traffic, and post-event, to assess the broader impact of such events.

Specific assignments have included:

  • Review of the impacts of the Olympics, Soccer World Cup, Commonwealth Games and other events on airport traffic.
  • Review of the tourism potential of the Sydney Olympics, its impact on air services and airport implications including peak days, busy hour flow, passenger and aircraft mix.

Economic Impact Assessments and Policy Studies

TFI establishes the relationship between air transport and the economic impacts to the wider economy using econometric and other modelling approaches.  Alternative airport/aviation scenarios have varying impacts on overall economic performance.

Specific assignments have included:

  • Development of an aviation economic model for state government bodies and for airports.
  • Input to the assessment of the economic impact of a major airport.
  • Assessment of the impact of regional “Open Skies” policies on tourism and infrastructure development within member countries.